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Woman Sails Around The World with Her Rescue Cat


In 2006, Liz Clark a 34 year old woman was given a once in a lifetime chance. She was given a 40 foot, 40 Cal. boat. The only condition of this gift was that she document her journey. That was all it took to convince her to leave her daily life behind. Soon after receiving the boat she quit her job as a bartender in San Diego and began sailing around the world in her boat, named Swell.

In 2013 Liz welcomed a new ship mate aboard the Swell, a 6 month old kitten named Amelia who she also calls her Tropicat. Amelia lives with Liz full time aboard the Swell and accompanies her on all of her adventures.

Liz loves living aboard the Swell, their are no work hours, no boring days and she is free from the rat race of the world. Liz states;

“Living aboard the Swell has greatly reduced my daily impact on the earth. My electricity is wind and solar powered, I live with nature and get the chance to truly experience and enjoy it. I use less, I waste less, I need less and I want less.”

Many of her adventures can be found, documented on Instagram. These pictures include images of dazzling turquoise waters, sparkling beaches, tropical islands, ocean marine life, surfing expeditions and even Amelia checking out the dolphins and sharks that swim alongside Liz’s boat.

For 10 years now, Liz has been sailing the ocean, and for 3 of those years Amelia has been by her side. She’s traveled over 25,000 nautical miles, from America’s west coast, to the French Polynesia in her sailboat.

You can find more Liz Clark’s adventures here: SwellVoyage.com / Facebook / Instagram

Image: Liz Clark
Image: Liz Clark
Image: Liz Clark
Image: Liz Clark
Image: Liz Clark
Image: Liz Clark
Image: Liz Clark
Image: Liz Clark

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