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She Collapses In Agony After A Run, But This Teen Refuses To Stop


“My legs. Where’d they go? Please help me. Please help me find my legs.”

Kayla Montgomery, the North Carolina teen has multiple sclerosis, a nerve disease which left her with no sensation in her legs for several months when diagnosed four years ago.

During that time, Kayla was an elite soccer player, which was a tough reality she had to face.

“I was mad,” she told ESPN.
“I was really mad.”

Kayla took up running as soon as medication returned sensation to her legs, relying on coach Patrick Cromwell to not only push her, but catch her as well.

As she runs and her body temperature rises, Kayla begins to lose sensation in her legs, meaning Cromwell has to catch her to avoid falling to the ground.

After applying ice and water, the feeling returns with no long term damage.

It’s a technique that’s worked for the pair for four years, and Kayla is improving against the odds from an “average” runner to the 21st fastest in the country.

In her last race with Cromwell at the North Carolina State titles, Kayla fell in the first 100 metres, only to catch up and take out first place.

Watch this amazing video and be inspired.