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Adorable Chihuahua Led Officers On A High-Speed Chase


Last Sunday morning members of the California Highway Patrol were in hot pursuit of a small but very agile perpetrator of the four legged kind. Spotted by a motorcycle police officer, a Chihuahua was moving very quickly across the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

This feisty pooch alluded officers for the entire span of the bridge making the boys in blue work hard for their money. Finally, towards the end of the bridge this comical chase came to an end when one of the officers was able to wrangled this tiny fugitive.

After this pup was taken into custody he was given the nickname “Ponch”. Instead of throwing the Ponch in the slammer the police officers took the canine to the San Francisco County’s Animal Care & Control where he will be held for a week.

If Ponch isn’t claimed within the week, he will be placed for adoption, though he should have no trouble finding a new loving home.


Screengrab source: California Highway Patrol/Facebook