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Dennis: An Abandoned Pit Bull That Will Break Your Heart


Every year thousands of pit bulls are dropped off at shelters or left to fend for themselves on the street. Many of these dogs are are abused and neglected before they’re finally taken in by a shelter. Those who work at shelters are compassionate people who truly wish they could save every dog but sometimes it just isn’t possible.

Dennis was a beautiful pit bull who was kind, loving and just wanted a forever home. If you watch the video you can see how sweet this dog truly was. Everyday they see dogs who’ve been mistreated beyond what anyone can imagine if you’ve never worked with abandoned dogs. But these volunteers never gives up and they need your help and support.

Unfortunately the cruelty he experienced had wore his body down so much and he couldn’t be saved no matter what efforts were taken by the thankless shelter workers at Hope for Paws

Dennis’ story ended badly but there are so many other pit bull out there that need help. You can help give these dogs the happy ending they all deserve. Breed stereotypes often mislead people into thinking poorly of these dogs, but the breed isn’t bad. A dog who is treated with love and kindness, no matter the breed, will be a caring dog.

If you feel the pull to help these dogs, check out the Hope for Paws website. There are so many pit bulls out there who, because of incorrect information, get passed over for other breeds and never find a loving, forever home. You can be a part of the change that is needed to ensure that one day no specific breed is characterized as bad and all dogs can be loved, cared for and allowed to give that love in return.